Slurpin' Jizz

Slurpin' Jizz cover

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

Slurpin' Jizz scene

80 minutes

Treasure Island Media

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You gotta know how much I love serious cum-guzzling cockworship.

So it'll come as no surprise that our video "SLURPIN' JIZZ" features some of the biggest, meatiest, juiciest cocks getting sucked, nursed and serviced - by hungry, hungry men who have that timeless need to guzzle down white-hot cockjuice.

Many of the guys in this one are younger than the usual men in my videos. This wasn't intentional: if you know me, you know that I never set out to make a "twink" vid. But these are the men who called me up - begging to service some of our hung studs on camera. In fact, three of the scenes are of guys who work with us or were just coming in for a porn interview.

It's one of the most generous all-oral videos we've produced: 8 Hot Scenes. And every one features fresh horny men - mostly new to Treasure Island - sucking off some of the finest, hardest bull-balled spunk-spewers I've seen...

Scene 1

If you've seen "PLANTIN' SEED", you saw Cumslut Joey harvest the sperm from a whole group of men through a gloryhole. This guy could work a load out of a catatonic 90-year-old. And hot Black stud Big Mike gets the royal treatment from Joey.

Mike came in for an interview and Joey happened to be in the office, hanging out. One thing led to another and Mike got a world-class "audition blowjob" - and Joey went home with a gullet full of Mike's thick ropey sperm.

Scene 2
J.C. CARTER collects cum at the FOLSOM GULCH

If you're not familiar with the cocksucking of J.C. Carter "the Chicago cumhound", let this be your introduction. He spent an afternoon at the notorious Folsom Gulch here in San Francisco, sucking off guy after guy and spitting all the spooge-loads into a little jelly jar.

When the jar was full of frothy semen, J.C. - well, yeah, you guessed it - this cum-glutton slowly pours the thick slimy mess into his wide-open mouth and swallers it all down. There's a year's worth of protein there.

Scene 3

Billy Bowers is the most boyish young man I've ever used in a video. He wanted to suck cock on camera for us, so we tried him out on hot bi-stud Dick Richards and sexy Adam. Billy was extremely nervous (but also extremely hungry for the taste and smell of dick). At first, he sucks cock almost cautiously. He's since done porn for us and other studios, but this was his first on-camera effort. You can see him lose his inhibitions bit by bit - what is it about a couple of big throbbers in your mouth that makes that happen? - and lustily sucks the jizz out of both men. Both of the studs getting serviced shoot their loads at the same time into Billy's wide-open youngman mouth.

Scene 4
JASON first-time cum-swallower blows KEITH

Handsome young buck Jason Croft sucks off hung Keith and it's obvious from the start that Keith has way more cock than first-timer Jason can deal with. But the newbie cocksucker gives it a great try, licking and slurping and making love to Keith's rock-hard meat. When Keith shoots his load, Jason slurps as much as he can get and is both excited and a little freaked out. Why? Because this is the FIRST TIME this kid's ever tasted another man's cockjuice he wanted to do it on camera.

Scene 5
MARKIE gets sucked off by BILLY BOWERS

This time, in his second scene, Billy Bowers (from Scene 3) is completely comfortable with the camera - and obviously seriously in love with Markie's legendary cock. All I'm gonna say about this scene is that it's one of the finest examples of true cockworship I've seen and I'm very proud of it. (It was shot by my casting man, Nick Stevens.) Billy nurses on that big ol' cock, buries his face in Markie's thick-skinned fat 'n' full ballsac, and in general is in a cocksucker's hog-heaven.

Afterward Billy told me that he wanted to devote his life to that cock - a sentiment shared by anyone who has had a taste of Markie's oversized man-tool. When Markie shoots his load, a lot of it spills onto Billy's chest, and Billy hungrily scoops it up and eats it, still warm and fresh.

Scene 6
TIM swallows THREE

A whole lotta young male beauty here, with - again - much younger men than I usually work with. After they all slurp on each other's rods, the Three Young Men shoot thick white loads of spooge into Tim's open mouth and all over his face. When Tim is ready to shoot none other than the infamous Damon Dogg (of "DAMON BLOWS AMERICA" fame), takes Tim's load down his throat. Damon doesn't like for even a drop of sperm ever to be wasted.

Scene 7
ERICH LANGE slurps down big-balled ALEX

Legendary Erich Lange - hotter and hungrier than ever before - sucks off thick-dicked bull-balled Alex. Alex came in for an interview and Erich, who was working in the front office, caught a glimpse of him. His well-practiced eye told him that Alex was a stud with a fine cock, and Erich was instantly in the mood to suck. Luckily, one of our guys had the presence of mind to record what happened. Erich is justly known as one of the best (and sexiest) cocksuckers in the world, and he gives Alex a world-class session. And in the end (of course) Erich happily guzzles down the swarthy Alex's hefty hot load. Could that be the secret of how Erich just keeps looking better and hotter each year?

Scene 8
DAMON deep-throats mega-hung JEREMY

This one is for you true dick worshippers. Jeremy - an eccentric character who was hanging out at our offices and helping in Shipping for a while - told me one day that he was "terminally horny" and needed to unload. Damon Dogg had just come in, so I grabbed the camera and went into a far corner of the warehouse with the two of them. Damon gave Jeremy a passionate and expert blowjob, trying his best to swallow Jeremy's 9-inch rod. A hot and satisfying scene.


We've put a hell of a lot into "SLURPIN' JIZZ".

If you like cocksuckin' and cum-slurpin' then this is "the keeper" for you. As usual, there's no filler or plot - just pure fine cockworship. Nothing but lust-addicted men craving a big throbbing dick spurting in their open mouths, hungry for the feel of warm slimy man-juice sliding down their gullets. You could use this one as a textbook on what a man's mouth can do for a cock.

- Paul Morris

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