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80 minutes

Treasure Island Media


Directed by Paul Morris

Starring: Jacob Slader, Christian, Dan Fisk, Damon Dogg, and more...

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Director's Notes:

I've said it before: a man looks better with a cock in his mouth. Sucking cock and getting your mouth flooded with a well-earned load is one of the best things a man can do.

In my infamous "SLURPIN' JIZZ" series, I celebrate the primal man-to-man connection that is cock-sucking. For this third -- and, in my opinion, best -- volume, we've worked hard to put together an incredible range of cocksuckers and a fuckin' dazzling broadside of jizz-drippin' studs hankering for service. From absolute newbies (one young buck sucks his first cock -- ever) to life-long devotees with well-calloused knees; from straight men getting sucked off to straight dudes on their knees suckin' like their life depended on it.

Ten scorching cum-soaked scenes add up to a serious encyclopedia devoted to the how-to and why-for of cumloving cocksucking.

Scene 1: CHRISTIAN worships JACOB SLADER - We start off with an advanced lesson in true oral cock-worship. When we paired TIM exclusive CHRISTIAN up with big-dicked stud JACOB SLADER in "BUILT TO FUCK", the chemistry between the two was immediate and white-hot. Afterward, CHRISTIAN begged me for a rematch so he could give his complete attention to orally worshiping JACOB's fat cock.

JACOB is a powerful dominant top and he works CHRISTIAN's mouth and throat over -- but good. Not many men could handle the punishment of a SLADER skullfuck session, but CHRISTIAN is a world-class cocksucker and he gives it everything he's got.

Scene 2: DAN FISK breaks in ARI - I've always said that TIM exclusive DAN FISK has one of the most perfect cocks in the world. It's spectacular and satisfying in every way. And you guys seem to be in complete agreement with me on this: DAN gets way more than his fair share of the fan mail here at TIM. (For some reason he has a particularly huge fan base in Scandinavia!)

Now, although MR. FISK will happily let any cocksucker take a loving swing on his ever-ready powertool, he has a particular taste for the young and the innocent. So he was particularly happy when I graciously lined up two young-uns who were ready 'n' willin' to get on their knees for him.

First up was sweet and innocent ARI. ARI appeared at the TIM offices one day, dropped off (True!) by his mom. After hemming and hawing around for a long while, he finally admitted that he wanted to give dick-sucking a try -- and he'd never done it before. So I called up the obliging MR. FISK.

The result? An incredible scene of perfect innocence lost. Can you remember the first time your tongue touched a man's hard and pulsing cock? Can you remember the first time hot sperm hit your tongue and slid down your throat? It'll all come back to you, I guarantee.

When DAN shoots his thick spunky load, li'l ARI gulps 'n' slurps 'n' swallows it all down, every drop. And then he went downstairs to wait for his mom to pick him up, DAN's cum still drying on his lips.

Scene 3: ALEX blows DAN FISK - One of my all-time favorite dicklovers is movie-star handsome ALEX. A straight hipster, he occasionally enjoys getting truly righteously stoned (this one loves the herb...). And when he gets stoned he gets a man-sized hankerin' for cock.

I shot this scene (with DAMON DOGG) and we were both blown away not only by how utterly blitzed on weed Alex was but also by how deeply he dug servicing DAN FISK's manhood.

Scene 4: SCOTT feeds DINO a hot load - SCOTT is one of those straight dudes who loves to get paid by men who want to suck his dick. He loves sex, sure, but it's the cash that gets him rock-hard. And while he's far from traditionally handsome, he has a rangy body and a big beautiful choda that welcomes attention.

So I gave him more than enough scratch to get his pants down and his dick hard, and then I brought in DINO, a local linguist (he knows how to use his tongue, most definitely). DINO opened wide and thoroughly enjoyed his happy time in the fun-zone between SCOTT's lanky thighs.

Scene 5: SAYED gives SKY a taste of paradise - I have to admit this is my personal favorite scene from "SLURPIN' JIZZ 3". What's not to love when you pair up a fuckin' sexy Iranian stud named SAYED with a boyish cum-hungry cocksucker named SKY?

SAYED has a fuckin' huge cock with a crazy downward curve to it. It's the kind of cock that seems designed by nature to slide its monstrous length right down a willing and open throat. And handsome wide-eyed SKY's throat was willing and wide-open. The kid was so damned happy nestled between SAYED's legs that I thought we'd have to pry him out of there with a crowbar.

After SAYED squirts his load into SKY's mouth, SKY gets a little freaky with his big sticky wad of middle-eastern nut-cream. Later, SKY told me it was by far the sweetest load he'd ever savored. The kid loves sperm, no doubt about it.

Scene 6: DAVE takes CESAR's prison load - Ever blow a straight dude who had just been released from prison? Sexy young CESAR had been out of stir-San Quentin, to be exact-for exactly one week when one of our casting guys met him on the street. He was horny and in need of some scratch, so we paired him up with DAVE, a cock-sucker carpenter from San Jose.

They were both real nervous at first, but once DAVE got that prison-thug dick in his mouth he calmed down real nice, sucking and nursing on CESAR's felonious meat. And CESAR-well, CESAR shot a hot load square onto DAVE's grateful tongue.

Scene 10: WILL works out two jizz-loads from DAN -- There are more scorchin' scenes in this volume of "SLURPIN' JIZZ" than I have room here to write about, but I cap off this series of "lessons in cock-sucking", with WILL, our honest-to-god TIM sex-slave. If ever there was a man born to give his all for cock, it was WILL. For WILL, sucking cock is a true religious experience, an encounter with god.

His devotion is over-the-top, and it may be too much for some of you guys. But he knows how to make a man feel great: he nurses not one but two loads out of a local construction-worker named DAN. DAN has one of those perfectly suckable cocks-just the right size and shape for sucking -- and a heavy-hangin' ruddy nutsack the size of Kansas, filled with enough seed to populate a planet. WILL just can't get enough of DAN's equipment and, even after slurping down both loads, he won't stop sucking, licking, kissing.

I'm fuckin' proud of "SLURPIN' JIZZ 3". It shows off the passion of sucking cock and worshiping semen more than just about anything we've produced before. In ten bone-lovin' scenes it runs the gamut from boyish first-timer to committed sex-slave. It's all here: the first touch of a young man's tongue to a proud stud's hot throbber, the devoted experience of cock-sucking as a religious experience -- and just about everything in between.

Many of these men are brand-new to TIM. All of them share one thing: they're drawn like moths to the flame of the timeless connection of sucking cock and guzzling down sperm.

"SLURPIN' JIZZ 3": don't miss a drop! --Paul Morris

DVD features: Digitally Mastered; Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; 4:3 Full-Frame format; Stereo sound; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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